About Hacienda

When Ilon Specht was a creative director in NYC she authored many ad campaigns, the most famous of which was “Because I’m Worth it” for L’Oreal.

She mitigated the stress of her high powered business life by collecting. Antiques.


“If it was beautiful, and I had a place for it, I bought it. And, if I didn’t have a place for it, I bought it.”

Over the years, she used her finds to decorate a pair of houses in Bridgehampton, a 10 room apartment in the famed Dakota and, most recently, in the two houses she renovated in Ojai, California.

But, as much as she did, she couldn’t decorate as fast as she could hunt and gather.

So, in 2000, Hacienda was born.

Dedicated to the diversity of beauty.

Run by Martin Sierra.

And filled by Ilon.

Come on in.